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Turning real assets into digital assets

Web3 is about value-creation and value-sharing for all stakeholders: investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

Securitize any asset into a tradeable digital asset

The Consilience Web3 platform allows anyone to use a new asset class: Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) to raise capital, invest in alternative assets and unlock sweat equity

FAST is engineered to create value throughout the investment cycle, no matter what type of assets underpin your FAST token.

End-to-End Investment Vehicle Acceleration 

Consilience enables end-to-end fund acceleration straight out of the box. You can manage your investment process alongside your investor base, with the inherent trust and transparency of the blockchain and Web3 software layer.

•Securitising assets with FAST enables you to build the most powerful and aligned investor network backed by its own digital asset to offer early liquidity

FAST Services

Autonomous, distributed Web3 investment management for private investor groups

The FAST platform is an end-to-end investment management platform, built to take your assets on-chain with minimum fuss.

Consilience FAST services save time and expense when compared to traditional fund setup processes, from deal origination, deal evaluation and due diligence through to fund performance, reporting and investor management.

Your FAST token enables all stakeholders to participate, gauge performance and to create value via the exchange of FAST tokens in a secure secondary market.

FAST is a Web3-native platform engineered for efficient and secure deal origination, due diligence, asset fractionalization / securitization, and management of a private investment network.

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